Sit, Walk, Run

Each day we are given space and time in which to live our lives. God grants us
great freedom in how we live, yet if we follow his guidelines we will experience
greater effectiveness, more joy, and a balanced, sustainable pace toward our
God-given goals.

Sitting quietly in God’s presence is a great way to begin each day. “Be still, and
know that I am God.” (Ps 46:10) When we acknowledge our Heavenly Father’s
sovereignty, we are less likely to worry about things we cannot change and more
likely to let God lead us. Don’t jump into tasks that may not be a priority from
God’s perspective. As we spend time in God’s presence and plan out the day,
we can begin to see the challenges and opportunities ahead through His eyes.

Walking by the Spirit we can peacefully enter into the day. With the Comforter by
my side and in my heart there is no cause for anxiety or fear. Rather than
starting to run too quickly, experienced runners warm up by walking and
stretching. If we jump out ahead of God we can lose our focus and our peace.
Take the Lord with you wherever you go, pray without ceasing, and as you pick
up the tempo check to be sure you are still yielded to the Spirit’s leading.

Run the race that is set before you. Once we are clear about where God is
leading us (having been made right with him through Christ and having been
filled with the Holy Spirit), we must not hold back or fail to act. Each of us is “on
a mission from God” and we must run with faith, diligence, persistence, and
courage toward our goal. With the confidence that comes from knowing that God
is on our side and that it matters not who is against us, we can become “more
than conquerors” as we soar above difficulties and run with passion for our God.
Christ “for the joy that was set before him” finished his race even though it meant
carrying his cross and taking on the sins of the world. We too can run with
abandon and pour out our lives in worship and love, as we follow Him.

Sit with God, walk by his Spirit, and run with abandon! The prize is worth all that
you can give.

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