Got Meaning?

Life is filled with questions, challenges, and puzzles. Some of our
circumstances feel unfair and unexplained; some seem like enigmas –
unanswerable riddles. Yet even the most mysterious of life’s questions call
out for solutions. Our minds are constantly looking for deeper meanings
and striving to make sense of our world.

There seems to be a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) device implanted in
each of our brains that seeks out information and guidance. We are hard
wired to search for meaning in life.

Yet in today’s philosophical climate everyone has their own truth and there
are no longer any absolutes. Many of us live our lives with no moral
compass and no core beliefs – only some vague philosophy called
“postmodern relativism” which holds that all ideas are equally valid.

So why do we still research the universe? Why are university libraries still
the hub of higher learning? Why do we look for answers to profound and
troubling issues? Why does life still seem to matter and to have some
relevance beyond temporal pleasures and basic needs for food and shelter?

Life still seems to have deep meaning because it does. Life is thick with
meaning and your life can be filled with purpose – both for today and into all
eternity. There are a myriad of stars and satellites that can distract us from
life’s central meanings. But there is only One who emits the beacon of hope
we all need – only One who has the Words of Life. The winds of His Spirit
still blow where they will, and He alone can lead your ship safely into shore.
Got meaning? If not let the Word of God be your GPS.

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