Getting Free

Much has been written about Freedom. We Americans live in “The Land of the Free.” If you are
a Christian, a true follower of Christ, you no doubt have some understanding of what freedom in
Christ is all about. But… are you truly free?

As a Christian psychologist and life coach, I have observed here, in this land of freedom, many
who are oppressed, enslaved, and uptight. Jesus talked of and lived a simple life free from
anything that binds or constricts. He was just as human as we, yet he lived free from sinful
obsessions or compulsions, free from the desire to please everyone (pleasing only his Father in
heaven), and free from worldly desires and cares.

Remember the parable of the sower? The seeds that fell on the rocky soil sprouted quickly but
soon were entangled by the weeds of worry, the thorns of temporal stress, and the dandelions of

What does it take to be truly free – free to live and to love and to enjoy this life God gives?
Perhaps it starts with knowing that through faith in Jesus Christ we are completely forgiven.
Forgiven for past, present and future sins. Forgiven for who we are (that displeases God) and
forgiven for who we are not.

Self-improvement is a good thing is if is done for the right reasons – but when motivated by guilt,
fear, or competition it is often an exercise in futility. At a deep level the child in us knows we were
born to be free – children of God created to be free. What has squelched the fun-loving creative
spirit God gave you? Are you in touch with that inner child who appreciates the gift of life and
loves the Father with abandonment and passion?

This simple call of God to run into his loving arms and receive life and love and forgiveness
through Christ, has been complicated by so many voices and demands. Are you following
modern day Pharisees who love rules more than God – or worse, have you become one

You can journey back to the freedom that is your birthright if you have been born anew in Jesus.
Rest in who you are. Stop chasing after the wind and stop trying to be what others want you to
be. Be yourself, the individual God made you to be, and rest in the freedom and forgiveness that
was bought for you on the cross. Let Jesus lead you to the real Land of the Free – to the place
where you are his beloved friend, loved and accepted just the way you are.

“For freedom Jesus died.” Don’t let anyone or anything in this world steal the gift God gives. Get

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