Fan the Flame

The apostle Paul, who wrote a good portion of the New Testament, lived
a model life after his Damascus Road experience. Apparently seeing
Jesus appear out of nowhere – to ask Paul what he thought he was
doing – had a profound effect on the remainder of Paul’s life. He
stopped persecuting Christians, started traveling all over the Middle
East and Europe spreading the Gospel, and was eventually martyred for
boldly proclaiming Jesus as the Messiah, the Savior of the world and
God in the flesh.

Much of Paul’s writings rolled off his pen while he was under house
arrest or in prison. Some of the last inspired words he wrote were
intended to encourage Christians to live the life – to be all we can be for
God. He wrote in II Timothy: ‘Fan into flame the gift of God which is in
you…’. Paul later in the same letter (II Tim. 3:10) lays out his core
values: purpose, faith, patience, love and endurance.

Paul was sold out for Christ and lived his life (after his conversion) as a
faithful follower of Jesus and a leader who had passion and purpose in
all he did. He loved others like Jesus did, even as they dealt with him
treacherously. Paul followed Christ through suffering – enduring great
persecution patiently.

Do we love God with that kind of ‘passion’? How can you fan into flame
the gift of God in you? It may cost you your life – it will without doubt
require purpose, faith, love and patient endurance. But whatever the
cost, Jesus is worth it. He thought you were worth dying for and He
passionately gave his life blood for you. What will you give Him? Will
you live for Him – really live for Him? Fan the flame – live passionately
for the Lord!

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