Become Who You Were Meant To Be – NOW!

We are what we think, believe, and do. If you can change how you think and what you believe, with God’s help, you can change your life – what you do and who you are.

Are you on the path that will lead you to your highest calling – to actualize your greatest potentials and give your best to those you love?

What attitudes, beliefs, negative self-statements, inner or external distractions, and unhealthy habits are holding you back?

Decisions you make today, goals and commitments you establish, can and will change your life. Starting today you can become the person you were created to be.

Negative programming, destructive thought patterns, and damaged emotions can be changed, rewritten, and healed. This process can start now – in this moment – and continue throughout your life.

No matter how old you are, you aren’t too old to change. Although we are “creatures of habit” who often get stuck in ruts (mental and behavioral patterns that get stronger every time we repeat them), with sufficient motivation and persistence, and with God’s help, we can break free from old habits.

I want to challenge you today to take an honest look at yourself and identify 3 aspects of yourself you wish to improve.

Write down how you want to change – be specific (i.e. – cut down to ½ pack a day over the next two weeks and then stop smoking completely by 4 weeks from today). Whether your goal is to be more productive, or to spend more time with your family, or to develop a more disciplined prayer life:

• Decide how you will know when you have reached your goal.
• What will be a sign that you have arrived?
• What benefits do you hope to obtain?
• Make sure your goals are consistent with long term objectives, realistic, and measurable.

Today’s decisions will be realized in tomorrow’s successes, and a thought or a wish traveling across the synapses of your brain right now could be the impetus that changes your world – perhaps even the whole world.

All things are possible if we believe!

Do you believe? If not, may God help you to believe. Don’t fail to see the infinite possibilities God has placed within your grasp. Jesus said: “If you have the faith of a grain of mustard seed you can move mountains.” What doubts are holding you back? Do you doubt yourself, your calling, your God? Are you willing to doubt your doubts and begin to believe?

Are you willing to make a commitment to change? Listen to the Wind of change within your soul. Ask and you shall receive! Nothing can stop you when the wind in your sails is the mighty, loving, just Holy Spirit. Jesus is making waves – have you caught the one he made just for you?

William Kuntz specializes in coaching pastors and ministry leaders. He is a creative, compassionate, caring coach who understands the difficult task of balancing personal needs, family, and career. You can reach Bill at

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About Bill Kuntz

Christian Life Coach and psychologist, husband to Wanda, dad to Kathy and Kristy, adopted son to God. I enjoy writing and blogging. My new passion is writing and speaking to inspire others to be all that God made them to be. I work with couples, families, and individuals (particularly young adults and adolescents) in my psychotherapy practice. As a life and leadership coach, I specialize in assisting pastors discern God's highest calling and to achieve high goals without sacrificing connections with family and friends. Please call if you or someone you care about needs counseling or coaching. My phone number is 314-647-4695.


Become Who You Were Meant To Be – NOW! — 3 Comments

  1. I absolutely agree with all the things mentioned here. With God’s help, you could really do all the impossible. You can change your life for the better if you strive and believe that you can.