Which Way Are You Headed?

There is a way which the world we live in says is the right way to go. The only
problem with this way is that if you continue to follow it, you soon find that you reach
a dead-end. It may often seem tempting and fun to follow this way of life that
everyone else seems to be taking. But you must choose your own way in life,
because ultimately you will have to answer for your life and the choices you have

When you find your life at its end, there will be no one else there except for you.
What if God is expecting you to defend your life choices? Could you do it? What
would you say if he asked you just exactly where you thought you were going and
why you lived your life the way you did?

Stop for a minute and take a look at the path you are on right now. Are you headed
in the right direction? It is not too late to re-think your life and prepare for the
greatest journey of all – eternity.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” He said He was the only way to
God… because He is God. Not only did He become God in the flesh for you, He
also lived and died for you. There are plenty of other roads, but only Jesus leads to
the superhighway in the sky (heaven). Ask Him and He will lead you there.
If you know someone who has lost his way, why not share these thoughts with her or
him. Jesus could be coming back soon. Please don’t miss the opportunity to rescue
the perishing from the brink of disaster. The precipice of pride and rebellion against
God will eventually crumble into the lake of fire.

Jesus is the only hope. All the other false “saviors” are lying or have themselves
been deceived.

As many as call upon the name of the Lord Jesus will be saved!

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