Live with Joyful Praise

A popular preacher who is known for his smile says Christians should have a joy that is contagious.  God’s Word encourages us to be thankful for each new day: “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalms 118:24)

Life is challenging, and depending on our circumstances we can easily feel overwhelmed or worn down.  Happiness is often elusive – especially when life doesn’t fulfill our expectations.  Yet, an attitude of joy isn’t dependent on life’s circumstances; we can receive the gift of joy and focus on God’s goodness and love toward us even when life is tough.  Actually, I believe it is possible to be renewed and refreshed daily by spending a few minutes meditating on just some of God’s many blessings.

What are five things for which you are grateful?  What memories make you smile?  What are you looking forward to this week or this year?  How can you live this day with a joyful attitude even when people and circumstances seem to be against you?

Some of us live with chronic pain, many of us struggle to make ends meet financially, and all of us become weary or stressed at times.  But there is an awesome power, a wonderful lover, a great and glorious Savior who calls us to rise above life’s difficulties and soar with Him to mountain tops of glorious beauty.  There is a place where we can rest in our loving Father’s embrace.  As our spirits rise high above the cares of this world, we can be restored and soak in His peace, His love, His joy.

We are not creatures of this world (if we have been born anew) – we have been changed into eternal beings of Light.  And as we walk along this road of life with Jesus as our guide, we can rejoice that soon we will be soaring effortlessly like eagles toward the glorious joy-filled peaks of Mount Zion.

No matter what difficulties life brings, live each day with joyful praise!

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