Joy Comes in the Morning

Today is a new day full of yet unseen opportunities.  How blind we can be to what is just beyond our horizon!  Although life is often a tragedy to those who feel deeply, every heartache comes to an end and every trial fades away.


With hindsight we can believe in miracles.  If we look back over our lives honestly, as objectively as we can – we have to admit we caught some breaks we didn’t deserve.  If God was tough on us and made us pay for every mistake, where would we be right now?


I don’t know about you, but I’m grateful that my life has been filled with “breaks” – with mercy and grace.


Yes, I have suffered through some very “dark nights of the soul” – times when I felt lost, hopeless and confused – even deeply depressed and despondent.  Yet, in the big picture – when I’ve been able to de-focus off my sin and my selfish desires – life is good.


Every breath of clean air, every drink of fresh water, every human touch, every moment in time, every glimpse of heaven, every act of compassion, every thought God has of me – is a miracle.  Life is full of God’s love and His astonishing profound truths.


Maybe the greatest thing of all is an unending sense of wonder.  Do you have within you an overriding hope that sorrow and tragedy can never kill?


Somehow I know (and I suspect you do, too) that good is going to defeat evil, and that God’s goodness toward us will always pervade all that happens in our lives.  Yes, I believe no matter how dark the night, joy will still come in the morning.

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Joy Comes in the Morning — 3 Comments

  1. This Christmas “tweet” from you was remarkably timely; maybe even a “God wink”! Here’s why: My wife and I have begun reading Scripture together each morning. This morning we were reading from Psalms and had an “aha moment” together with Psalm 8:3-9. Up to that verse it had been mostly David bemoaning his flight from Absalom and the rebellion, begging God for protection and mercy for his sins. But then, in verse 8, he suddenly shifts to the “proper” perspective: “What is man that You are even mindful of him? The son of man that you care for him? Yet you have made him only a little lower than the heavenly beings! (Angels, right?) and crowned him with glory and honor.”


  2. Bill, I really enjoyed reading, and agreed wholeheartedly with “Joy Comes in the Morning”. Every night, i give thanks in prayer for all things that I touch, see , hear or sense, as they are all gifts from God. Every morning I say “Before I put my feet on the floor or go forth into the world today, let me first give thanks for all of those things”.

  3. Thank you Bill; inspiring words that will enchance my day. Thanks for including me and please continue to do so!

    Jim Ryan