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What a beautiful word – “connected.”  Remember that old song about the number one being the loneliest number?  Life is empty without connections.

Nature teaches us the importance of connections and we have all observed the heavy toll the earth (and life on this planet) has paid when our ecosystems are disrupted.  Pollution, extinction, dying coral reefs, hunger, war, disequilibrium, chaos – these are the ugly words that describe the results of disharmony and disconnection.

Yet all of nature and the cosmos can be connected without offering you and me the sense of true meaningful connection that we desperately need.  The first screams of every newborn infant seem to encapsulate this universal need for connection.  At the moment of birth, suddenly thrust into the shockingly cold and unknown world of separation – every baby feels a loss of connection.  The “we-ness” of life in the womb is gone and the “me-ness” of vulnerability and exposure is now the new norm.

To whom or to what do you fell connected?  Even if you have family, friends, pets, and a solar system you call home, you may still feel very much alone.

The connected life is a life lived in community.  It is at its deepest level a life lived in communion with God.

I know an old man who has lived a full life, but today seems to feel little connection with anyone or anything.  By outward appearances he lives a rather isolated life.  His best friend died recently and the loss he feels can only be communicated through tears.  Yet, this man has a connection that cannot be seen by human eyes – a connection to his Creator and thereby to all who share his faith – including the dear friend he recently lost.

Some of the most popular people I know are lonely on the inside.  Even superstars and pop-culture icons at the hub of the “people-wheel” are often lonely, depressed, and disconnected.

The Bible teaches that God desires a deep connection with each of us, that we were created for fellowship with God.  And ultimately, we need God’s everlasting love more than we need food, water, air, or life itself.

Are you feeling lonely or disconnected today?  Then by all means reach out to family or friends, but if you want to know the connection for which all creation longs with great anticipation – then take the outstretched hand of the Son of God.  He is real – both human and divine.  His strong nail-scared hand will connect you to the very heart of God – the Father of Life.  Safe and secure in Christ, you can begin to understand the true beauty of God’s eternal love.  Now is the day – don’t put it off.  Let Jesus embrace you in his healing love.  Get connected!

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Christian Life Coach and psychologist, husband to Wanda, dad to Kathy and Kristy, adopted son to God. I enjoy writing and blogging. My new passion is writing and speaking to inspire others to be all that God made them to be. I work with couples, families, and individuals (particularly young adults and adolescents) in my psychotherapy practice. As a life and leadership coach, I specialize in assisting pastors discern God's highest calling and to achieve high goals without sacrificing connections with family and friends. Please call if you or someone you care about needs counseling or coaching. My phone number is 314-647-4695.


Get Connected — 4 Comments

  1. I recall a time in my life when everything was going perfect.. family, health, career.. you name it. But I was extremely sad. I felt like I was missing something.. that there must be something more. This “connection” with God was that somthing more. A “connection” with God is everything. Without it all the good stuff doesn’t really matter. Great post.

    • Thanks for your insightful comments, Tiffany! “For what good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” (Mark 8:36)

      Glad you are now connected to God through Christ! And what a joy to know Jesus is connecting all of us who know Him for all eternity!

      -Bill K

  2. I guess a connection to his Creator is the best connection a man has. Even if everyone will leave him, he won’t feel alone if he has a connection to Him. Thanks by the way for sharing this one.

    • You are welcome. Not sure why I didn’t reply sooner, but AMEN to what you said. If we have a connection to God, it really doesn’t matter if the whole human race “hangs up” on us. God is faithful, God is good, God is gracious and forgiving. Through Christ we are connected to all who believe in Him, and nothing can separate from His amazing love!

      Bill K