Affirming Thoughts To Inspire And Encourage

I am a child of God – created in His image.

God loves me more than I can ever imagine.

No problem in my life is too big for me to solve, with God’s help.

Each new day offers fresh opportunities for growth and success.

I believe in myself and in my God given abilities – no matter what others may think.

I don’t have to please others – I can set my own standards.

I don’t have to be perfect – I’m okay just the way I am.

If I live my life to please God, I can be happy with my efforts.

Whatever I achieve, it matters more that I did my best.

My value as a person is much greater than the sum of my accomplishments.

The gifts God has given me are meant to be shared.

Darkness is afraid of the light; when I allow God to fill me with His light there is no room for darkness.

God is always near – watching over me – even when I feel alone.

In all the world there is only one me; I am unique and no one else can take my place in God’s grand plan.

If I admit that I have done wrong and ask Jesus Christ to forgive me – believing He died for my sins, He will forgive me – no matter what I have done or failed to do.

William Kuntz specializes in coaching pastors and ministry leaders. He is a creative, compassionate, caring coach who understands the difficult task of balancing personal needs, family, and career. You can reach Bill at

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About Bill Kuntz

Christian Life Coach and psychologist, husband to Wanda, dad to Kathy and Kristy, adopted son to God. I enjoy writing and blogging. My new passion is writing and speaking to inspire others to be all that God made them to be. I work with couples, families, and individuals (particularly young adults and adolescents) in my psychotherapy practice. As a life and leadership coach, I specialize in assisting pastors discern God's highest calling and to achieve high goals without sacrificing connections with family and friends. Please call if you or someone you care about needs counseling or coaching. My phone number is 314-647-4695.


Affirming Thoughts To Inspire And Encourage — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks Raymon – I am always encouraged when I get feedback like yours! It is an honor to be used by God to help others.

  2. The longevity of some of our senior Christians has to do with how much they looked and searched and found their way through life. They continued to keep looking even when the way was narrow and sometimes seems to disappear from in front of them. They knew with certainty that just as the centurions exclaimed surely he was the Son of God , that surely the path they follow leads to the Son of God. They are as well certain that they are performing for no one but are following Jesus the Messiah who has risen from the grave and lives in their and our hearts. When we are sure that God, the Son and Holy Spirit live in us we too can be certain that we do not perform but live to be completed in God our Creator.